Did you know that a two week holiday in term time means that the highest attendance your child can achieve is 94%?

Did you know that being ten minutes late every day equates to 33 hours of lost learning each year?

Remember, 90% attendance is equal to one day off a fortnight and nearly four weeks out of the school year!

Here at Biddick Primary and Nursery School, we value good attendance; being in school on time every morning gives your child the best possible chance of learning and making progress.  Absence and lateness can cause gaps in learning and may mean that a child fails to get the best out of their time in school. As you know, in 2013, the DfE issued guidance to schools preventing pupil absence during term time being authorised except in exceptional circumstances.


We have worked really hard on our attendance over recent years and are pleased with the result.


Our current attendance is just over our school target of 96% and just above the national average and we look forward to seeing this continue to rise.

Below shows the comparison between this academic year so far and the same period of last year. We are very proud of the clear improvement in our attendance rate and the reduction in our percentage of persistent absentees (children whose attendance is 90% or less).



Sept 2017 – April 2018

Sept 2018 – April 2019




Authorised absence



Unauthorised absence



Persistent Absentees




We rely heavily on parents to support this drive and would like to thank you for working with school to achieve this.

Attendance Monitoring

We send parents/carers regular updates regarding your child’s attendance. These are colour-coded, based on government advice, so that you can clearly see the impact of attendance on your child’s learning. We understand that there are circumstances which impact upon attendance and are well aware of our children, whose attendance has been affected by accidents or ongoing medical conditions. 


90% attendance is the same as missing half a day every week. The Government deem any child with attendance at 90% or below as a ‘persistent absentee’ regardless of the reason for the absence. This level of absence causes serious concern and undoubtedly affects your child’s attainment and progress. We will monitor this closely and will contact you to see how we can help to overcome any difficulties.


AMBER  - 91-96% - TAKE CARE

Take care to maintain this attendance level if possible, as unnecessary absences can easily cause it to drop into the band below. At the lower end of this band, the level of absence is likely to begin to affect your child’s attainment and progress at school and they may struggle to keep up. If your child’s attendance is 93% or below, our Attendance Officer will monitor this every two weeks.



This will help all aspects of your child’s progress in school and give them the best possible chance of fulfilling their potential.

Leave of Absence

You are strongly advised not to take your child out of school during the school term. According to Government guidelines, parents have no entitlement to take their child on holiday during term time and schools should not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you need to apply for special leave, a leave of absence form must be completed at least two weeks in advance. Term time holidays will not be authorised.



If your child has an unavoidable appointment during school hours, please bring them to school either before or after their appointment. There is no need for your child to miss a whole day of learning.


Our doors open at 8.45 a.m. and close at 9.00 a.m. We ask that for health and safety reasons, all children who are unavoidably late are accompanied by an adult and signed in at our School Reception. Help your child get their day off to a good start by getting to school on time and being prepared for the day ahead


Reporting an Absence

Although we strive for good attendance for all children, we understand that everyone can be ill. If your child is too unwell to come to school, then please phone the school office on the first day of absence, by 9.30 a.m. if possible. We appreciate that our telephone line is often busy but your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated. It is essential you contact school so that we know your child is safe. If we do not hear from you, we will ring you seeking clarification of your child’s absence from school.

Our Here, Everyday, Ready, On-time awards have been a great success this year!

 Each term the children who have 100% attendance are entered into a prize draw, with the opportunity to win some amazing curriculum linked prizes. So far we have awarded some super Science equipment and amazing art supplies to our Biddick Attendance Heroes. 

In addition to individual prizes, every class has an opportunity to win a reward. The class with the most improved or highest attendance each term wins our prestigious trophy and the right to a fun-filled afternoon of their choice.