OFSTED Report (18-19.10.2010)

What OFSTED had to say about BPNS....


" Pupils achieve well in the welcoming atmosphere that the school provides, where the talents of both pupils and staff are valued

and nurtured." 


" Teachers make lessons interesting by using varied resources and a variety of teaching methods. Lessons proceed at a brisk pace

and work is challenging and well-matched to pupils' needs. Consequently, pupils enjoy learning and are keen to succeed." 


" Pupils make good progress in lessons in response to the consistently good teaching they receive." 


" All staff are firmly focussed on providing a happy and caring learning environment where pupils will develop confidence and

achieve well."


" Parents  and carers are fulsome in their praise of the outstanding care, guidance and support their children receive, how safe

children feel, and of the excellent relationships the school forges with parent and carers."


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