Times Tables

Not knowing their multiplication tables can really slow children's mathematical progress. Everyone knows it's all about practice, but

this can be boring. There are a range of great CDs, board games, apps & books available which can help your children learn their

tables, such as Moon Maths. Try it by clicking the link below. BE WARNED- you'll want headphones for this one!



The documents below contain lists of age-related expectations which parents can help their children reach. These show the things children should be able to do by the end of Y1-6. Separate information for children in the Foundation Stage can be found via their class page.

Year 1 Age-related Expectations

Year 2 Age-related Expectations

Year 3 Age-related Expectations

Year 4 Age-related Expectations

Year 5 Age-related Expectations

Year 6 Age-related Expectations


Online Maths Activities


The websites below should help your child on their way to becoming a maths master.



A link to the fantastic Woodlands Maths Zone, with a host of engaging & challenging maths games for children in REC-Y6.



A fun site full of games and activities for Years 3 to 6, with a section for children and parents.


This site has some excellent games to help REC-Y1 practice  their Numeracy skills.



IXL contains lots of information and online challenges for children from Reception to Year 6.

This is a free trial area of a subscription site.