Welcome to all of you magnificent mathematicians!

Maths is part of everyday life.

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.

We're all mathematicians.

We strive to teach maths in a way that is engaging, imaginative and fun for all. We recognise that maths is essential to everyday life and aim to deliver a lifelong love of mathematics and sense of curiosity about the subject. At Biddick Primary School we are enormously proud of all of our children, wherever they are on their mathematical journey. Our children enjoy the opportunity to talk about their learning and their mathematical understanding. We encourage children to develop resilience, confidence and enjoyment in stimulating learning environments and meaningful context.

Teaching For Mastery

At Biddick Primary School we have adopted a mastery maths curriculum. 

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View our teaching for mastery maths curriculum - click on the links below

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What do our governors have to say about maths in school?

Click the links below to access the 2016 and 2017 Maths Reasoning Papers.


Reasoning Paper 2 2016                     Reasoning Paper 2 2017

Reasoning Paper 3 2016                    Reasoning Paper 3 2017


Third Space Learning have added a video link to each question talking the children through how to answer each question - brilliant!

KS1 child demonstrating an understanding of commutative law. 

Y1 Children learning about halving shapes and symmetry.

Venn diagrams with mini beasts in science.

Y1 child - I can find a quarter of 12.

Estimating, measuring and reading scales in KS1.

KS2 Using maths in REAL LIFE!

2D Shape Dragons - KS1 celebrating Chinese New Year!

Number Day 2019 - Prizes from EYFS to Y6!

Number Day 2019 - Count the spots on this self made, creative number day costume.

Number day 2019 - and the winners for class mathematician of the day are...

Number Day 2019Y1/2 Mathematician of the day - Wow! What an achievement.